About K-ea

Shop K-pop album online has never been so easy! As a K-pop Shop K-EA offers you all the k-pop CDs, album, merchandises and much more . Besides the latest pre-order albums, you can also find fan made merchandise, posters and DVDs of the most popular K-Pop groups. All our albums are imported directly from Korea and shipped from Netherland, EU.

The name K-EA stands for Korean Tea and we are the first Korean Cafe in Rotterdam (NL) where we would like to create a place to be for the Korean lifestyle fans.

In addition to our well-known Korean-inspired bubble tea, coffee and hot drinks, we also offer our insta-famous *Korean toasts (we are the first in all of South Holland to offer this). In our physical store and via the website we also sell K-pop merchandise and Korean-related products such as:- K-pop album- Fan made merchandise (from community)- Korean skin care- Korean fashion-Cute toys- Books- Korean collectable itemsand much more...

What People Are Saying

Happy 1 year

"Sending lots of love, thank you for all the amazing event."

love Jeanie

K-ea with love

"So happy I discovered K-ea <3, The workers are always so kind , and the concept is amazing."

love from ENG

I wish I could live here !

"Love this place. wish you many many more successful years"



"this place is so fun, very nice and yummy :)."

Love from Dubai

Wij houden van BTS

"Wij komen uit Hilversum, lunch was heerlijk wij komen gaur terug, groetjes."


We love your event

"thank you so much for doing this... it was so fun

love love

K-EA is a place for guests who are looking for a relaxing place where they can be themselves. At K-EA guests can study and meet fellow k-pop/korean culture enthusiasts.With K-EA we have created a community for Korean Culture enthusiasts. Our goal is to expand this community where we see its popularity continuously increasing.You van shop here for our product with addition of pick-up in store or delivery