Our mission is to create a fun and welcoming environment for our clients.

K-EA means Korean Tea.

in 2022 we open our first Korean cafe in Rotterdam as the first and only Korean cafe in Netherland.Not only serves drinks, cute space, but offers k-pop merchandising such as clothing, skin care products, candles, stationary items and more. Furthermore there will be k-pop events organised by K-EA to bring the Korean lifestyle fans together (cupsleeve event). 

As the fan grow, we need to find a way for international clients, k-pop fan can find us and join. https://keabubbletea.com/ is launch! and hope to bring more to the K-culture in Netheland and Benelux.

Your K-Pop Haven in Rotterdam

K-EA, Bringing Korea's Finest to You. Vist our cafe corner in Rotterdam for more.

Your Premier Source for K-Pop Excellence and more.